FizzTalent is counted among Pakistan’s leading modeling agencies and talent promoters. The company specializes in shriveling the vacuum between the models and the model searching agencies, including media houses, modeling companies, brand owners, not to mention the advertising firms.

FizzTalent is quite versatile in terms of its services, as promoting talent to the right grounds is not the only service it renders; the models are also provided with consultation and professional portfolios. Besides this, the modeling and media houses looking for a fresh, appealing and talented face can also satisfy their searches at Fizztalent. The models housed at FizzTalent are schooled well to portray the brand in the best possible way.

And We Began…

Logo Construction

We were asked to create a color-rich, lively logo that incorporates the depiction of both male and female models. We started sketching different concepts for the initial look of logo design.

The final logo features a butterfly with shades of red and blue. The red area referred the female models and the blue color represented the male ones. The reason why we chose a butterfly in the concept was the fact that it embodies the talent, the reflection, and the beauty inside a caterpillar. FizzTalent in pretty much the same way signifies the talent and beauty of its models.

Branding Suite

After designing the logo, we started working on the promotional materials of the company. We designed a colorful, energetic stationary and a bunch of creative banners for the brand promotion. Each of our steps was taken according to the client’s feedback.

Engaging Website

The website was needed to be modern and responsive in nature. To engage the visitors at the first sight, we created an interactive moving background showing a parallax effect using Jacvascript. This enabled the background pattern to react to the visitor’s cursor. The designed layout was kept simple and easy to navigate. This laid the foundation for a full-scale online experience with multiple features like online registration and more.

Video Integration

We were asked by the client to integrate his brand video on the website. The video was provided by the client. The resolution of the video was kept 854 x [email protected] to make it high quality, yet quick to stream even for sluggish internet connections. To make the video content legible, its dimensions were set to 1140 x 500.

Social Media Integration

To let the company approach social users, we integrated the social media plugins into the website, using which the visitors can get access to its social media pages. These pages helped them stay informed with the latest promotions and current happenings of Fizztalent.

Clients Response

The client was completely in awe after witnessing the final look of the website. He says:

We approached this company for our logo design project, but their process and courteous professionals appealed us to hire them for a complete branding thing. Having them work on our project has been a really good experience. Thank you so much!

End result

The results were beyond what our client expected. The website in no time successfully created a hype in the modeling industry that eventually led to greater sales of our client.


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