CloudMacways is an online platform that provides hosting and cloud storage services for small and big businesses. Their years of experience in the hosting field and time-tested practices assures better management, storage and safety conveniences of our clients’ crucial data assets. To excel in the market, they are constantly upgrading their servers and storage facilities.

We’ve worked with CloudMacways on multiple projects: from their logo and stationary design to web development, Copywriting to social media marketing. During each project, the company collaborated and cooperated with us, wherever required.


From Concept to Completion:

As the company name suggests, the client wanted us to create a design that has a feel of cloud to compliment the client services well. Our job was to create something that can make the client’s company distinguishable among the crowd of competitors. The color blue was selected for use in the logo as it is associated with trust and loyalty, also was a personal favorite of the client.


From Devising to Wireframing

Deep Down Research of what Client’s Demand in his website

To get a better grip on the client’s vision, we needed to go off the deep end. After some briefing sessions, we created wireframes to get well-laid plans reaped at their fullest. The customers of Cloudmacways were not mostly the techies, so while designing we needed to keep the site user-friendly. Several iterations were done in the layout so as to contour the site into a very simple and easy to use form.


for Short Screen Users, Responsive and userfriendly.


integration with fun loving market customers

Online clients were not just the only target for CloudMacways; the company wanted to magnetize the social media users as well. Social plugins were also integrated into the footer of the site.

For Social Media Marketing, we carefully inserted social media components to the client’s existing marketing initiatives. This increased the opportunities for the client to communicate and coordinate with its prospects on the social platforms.

Content managementsystem

customize your website data as you like it and stay upto date

Looks may be deceiving, especially in the case of a website. Sometimes the website that appears to be so simple may be supported by tons of complex codes, bunches of plugin and other sorts of technicalities.

To give the client a peace of mind, we leveraged the open source technologies and customized the content management system. In order to ensure that the site functions in a buttery smooth way, we went an extra mile. This resulted in an extremely functional and aesthetically pleasing website that can also be handles by the client.


At first I was quite confused that whether hiring this company for our project worths a try or not, but the way they smoothly and orderly handled everything— right from the initial briefing to the website launch— there was no need to worry a bit about the project

-Jane Macey-


After having an award-winning online and social media presence, the company experienced a greater boost in sales and user-engagement. Client was greatly satisfied and pleased with the results and this, circuitously, added a star in our badge.



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